DIGGING FOR CLUES - This month, archaeology students with the Alaska Summer Research Academy visited the Simpson Site along the Tanana River near Rosie Creek. This prehistoric site has the potential to provide a great deal of information concerning the ways humans lived in the area around Fairbanks before recorded history. 

The students took six daily trips to the field site, where they used excavation tools such as trowels, screens, GPS technology, and mapping techniques to document the finds. Next, the team will work in the archaeology laboratory at the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Using a range of computer software and scientific methods, they’ll decipher clues from artifacts, animal bones, soils, and plant remains to understand the activities that occurred at the site and how people lived in the past.

The Alaska Summer Research Academy promotes creativity and intellectual curiosity through hands-on, open-ended experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. ASRA students engage with mentors and peers to explore scientific concepts, investigate student-driven questions, and solve problems.